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Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Before using the information contained in this website ask your doctor if it is right for you.

These tips are not expensive, do not require you to suffer hunger pains, do not eliminate anything you currently love to eat or drink, do not require large chunks of time, do not require a change for the rest of your family, etc. However, they do require you to learn and
implement the "Secret to Weight Loss"

The “Secret to Weight Loss” is what doctors and researchers have been saying for years.

Decrease the amount of calories you eat and increase the number of calories you use.

The following steps have been designed to help you implement the "Secret to Weight Loss".

1. The most important step in losing weight is to start using this information today. Don't wait until tomorrow or next week. Start today.

2. Weigh yourself today. If you don't own a scale, you can buy a Tanita body fat scale from by clicking here. The Tanita scales will not only measure your weight but more importantly will also measure your percentage of body fat and body water. By knowing your body fat and body water percentages you will have a better idea if the weight you are losing, or gaining, is water, muscle or fat.

By weighing yourself today you will have begun a habit you should continue everyday for the rest of your life. It is normal for your weight to fluctuate up to three pounds everyday. As long as your weekly measurements show a trend towards a healthy body fat percentage, there is no need for concern, frustration, or guilt. By tracking your progress daily you can significantly increase your chances of attaining and maintaining a healthy weight level. Click here to print a daily weight loss progress chart.

3. Set reasonable weekly, monthly and yearly goals. If you are overweight then you can realistically expect to lose two pounds per week until you start nearing a healthy body fat percentage. A healthy body fat percentage is around 15% for men and around 24% for women. These percentages increase as you grow older. This slowdown in weight loss is your body's defense mechanism against losing too much fat. If your body does not have access to enough body fat and food, then it turns to breaking down muscle to meet its' calorie needs. Since your heart is a muscle, this can ultimately kill you. No matter what your body shape is, if your body fat percentage is less than 11% for women and 3% for men, talk to your doctor immediately. He or she can help you gain back the fat your body needs to stay healthy.

Print out goal charts to tape to your refrigerator and near your scale to track your progress. Click here for the women's version and here for the men's version.

4. As you start to lose weight, it's normal to share with friends and family everything they can do to lose weight, too. Resist this temptation. There is a good chance this will only lead to resentment and hard feelings. This is especially true with your spouse.

If they ask what you are doing to lose weight, share a few of the tips with them. Then refer them to this website if they want to learn more. This way, if they were just being polite, you won't overwhelm them with information they aren't ready to hear. If they are serious about losing weight then they will visit this website, learn the same information and start to lose weight. Once they start the program, then support each other with your weight loss experiences.

Five Tips to Decrease the Number of Calories You Eat

Before using the information contained in this website ask your doctor if it is right for you.

1. Drink around two cups of water before you eat a snack or a meal. Water is a natural appetite suppressant and can prevent you from overeating. By drinking plenty of water, you will leave the table feeling full but having eaten less calories. It is important to drink enough water during the day. In fact, if you are not drinking enough water it decreases your bodies ability to convert fat into energy. You will know you are drinking enough water when your urine is clear or slightly yellow.

2. Reduce your portion sizes at your three balanced meals. However don't reduce your total calorie intake to less than 1200 calories a day without a doctor's supervision. If you are losing more than two pounds a week there is a good chance some of that weight is muscle and you DO NOT want to lose pounds of muscle. If you are losing more than two pounds a week, increase your portion sizes gradually until you are losing just two pounds a week.

Do you need to suffer hunger pains when you cut the portion sizes of your snacks and meals? Absolutely not. You can eliminate hunger pains by drinking lots of water and eating more whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Do you need to stop eating your favorite high calorie or high fat foods or snacks? Of course not. You just need to eat them in smaller serving sizes.

Don't skip meals to reduce the number of calories you eat. Research is very clear that skipping meals decreases your chances of maintaining the weight loss you experience.

3. Limit your liquid calorie intake to 8-16 ounces a day. Liquid calories means any drink that has more than zero calories. So don't limit your water intake. Water has zero calories and to increase your chances of losing weight you should be drinking enough water so your urine is clear or slightly yellow. You can still enjoy everything you normally drink but don't let the total amount of liquid calories exceed 16 ounces.

An easy way to keep track of your liquid calorie intake is to use four ounce glasses. Bodum has created a double walled four ounce glass that keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot.

You can buy them from by clicking here.

4. When you go out to eat, ask for a Styrofoam container before you eat your meal. Place one half to two thirds of the meal in the container.

5. Do not store snacks or desserts where you can see them. When you do eat a snack or dessert, dish out a small serving size. Put the remainder away before you eat your first bite. Never eat snacks or desserts straight out of the bag, box, carton, etc.

We will be adding additional tips, so bookmark this page and check back often.

Sign up to receive a free weekly tip on how to decrease the number of calories you eat, increase the number of calories you use, strengthen your marriage and improve yourself. Sign up by sending an email to Type Subscribe in the subject line and include your zip code in the body of the email. Our policy is we will never rent, sell, or give away your email address.

Five Tips to Increase the Number of Calories You Use

Before using the information contained in this website ask your doctor if it is right for you.

1. The average American watches four hours of TV each day. Your body burns about 72 calories per hour of watching TV. However, if you walk back and forth while watching TV, then you will burn around an extra 200 calories per hour or 5600 calories per week. This one simple activity should help you lose about one pound each week. If you want to lose even more weight, then run in place, do sit ups and push ups during commercials, bend your knees and touch the floor with your hands over and over again, etc.

You might feel uncomfortable exercising in front of other people, but you can still exercise! Lift your foot one inch off the ground and your arm one inch off of the couch. You will soon feel your muscles burning more calories without anyone noticing what you are doing. If you are laying down, then lift up your head and back one inch and you will feel your stomach muscles start to burn calories. Look for other ways to get your muscles burning calories while you watch TV, and you can start shedding the pounds.

2. Start looking for other opportunities during the day to increase the number of calories your muscles burn. If you sit a lot at work, then always make sure you are lifting one foot one inch off the ground. If you stand a lot, then slightly bend your knees and hold that position and you will start to feel the burning of calories in your thighs. You can also lift your heels one quarter of an inch off of the floor and you will feel the burning of calories in your calf muscles. When you are on the phone, lift your other arm an inch above the surface it was resting on, etc.

3. Do a physical activity that causes you to break a sweat. Chose something you enjoy and do it for at least 30 minutes a day.

4. Buy a pedometer from by clicking here. Track yourself for a couple of days to find out what the average number of steps you take each day is. Set goals each morning for how many new steps you will take that day. Don't go to bed until you have met your goal. You can easily increase the number of steps you take by parking in the back of the parking lot, walking back and forth in front of the TV, etc. The calories you burn by walking will quickly add up and help contribute to your weight loss.

5. Add more muscle to your body. When you build one pound of muscle, you use a tremendous amount of calories and your body will also need extra calories each day to maintain that one pound of muscle.

As with any exercise program, you should start off slowly. If your muscles are too sore the next day to exercise, you may lose momentum in developing a lifetime habit of using more calories.

If you have a chronic health problem such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, or if you are over age 40 (men) or 50 (women), ask your doctor about what type and amount of physical activity is right for you.

We will be adding additional tips, so bookmark this page and check back often.

You can also sign up to receive a weekly tip on how to decrease the number of calories you eat, increase the number of calories you use, strengthen your marriage and improve yourself by sending an email to Type Subscribe in the subject line and include your zip code in the body of the email. Our policy is we will never rent, sell, or give away your email address.

"Secret" To Not Re-gaining Lost Weight

Most people have lost weight only to gain it all back, plus a few extra pounds. If you want to maintain your weight at a healthy level, it's important you implement all three areas of the Healthy Marriage Weight Loss program into your life. If you neglect strengthening your marriage, improving yourself, or implementing the healthy weight loss tips, then you will increase your chances of gaining back all the weight you lost. Many people in unhealthy marriages or who don't feel good about themselves, turn to food to self-medicate the emotional pain they feel. And the food they turn to soon turns into fat. By strengthening your marriage and improving yourself you can prevent this from happening to you.

Take the time and effort to work on all three areas and you can maintain your weight loss and live a healthier and happier life.

Send Us Your Weight Loss Achievements

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We will shortly be adding a Hall of Fame Weight Loss webpage. As soon as you lose your first five pounds, send us an email with the date you started the program and how long it took to lose five pounds. Let us know if you want your full name to be used or just your first name. Send the information to

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