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According to the US Census Bureau 90% of Americans will marry at some point in their lives.

This statistic means that the vast majority of your readers are either married or will be married. When a couple marries their dream is that it will be a happy, healthy lifelong marriage. The healthy marriage tips column has been designed to help your readers achieve their marriage dreams.

The healthy marriage tips column is not an advice column that responds to questions from readers. It is an educational column that teaches the research based skills and knowledge that will increase a couples chances of forming and sustaining a healthy marriage.

The marriage tips column is unique in that rather than releasing a new column each week we are constantly updating our archive of marriage tips columns. The archive is divided into subject areas based on the relationship skills and knowledge that can help couples form and sustain healthy marriages. Each time you would like to purchase a column you may either choose one yourself or we can select one for you. On a monthly basis we will send you an invoice for the amount that was agreed upon for each column you have used in the previous month.

Our number one goal is for this column to reach as many people as possible. For this reason prices start at $5 per column and go up from there depending on the volume of your readership. If you are interested in purchasing the healthy marriage tips column please email our sales representative or call The National Healthy Marriage Institute LLC at 866-818-5530