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The keystone of society is healthy marriages. By investing your time and energy you will be helping in the process of creating products and services that will help couples form and sustain healthy marriages. When couples form and sustain healthy marriages, then children, women, men and communities benefit greatly from the numerous benefits associated with healthy marriages.

We need your help. We cannot do this alone. Even if it is just for one hour a week, we can find something worthwhile for you to do to help strengthen marriages.

The only minimum requirement that we have is that you have the desire to help couples form and sustain healthy marriages.

Please visit our
projects page to find out what we are currently working on and will be working on in the near future.

If you are interested in donating some of your time to help out on any of these ideas, please email us at

Please email us any additional questions that you may have so we can begin a Q&A list for interns and volunteers.

We currently have a great need for interns and volunteers to help develop marriage resource center websites across the country. Marriage resource center websites will contain a listing of all the resources that are available in a community to help individuals and couples form and sustain a healthy marriage.

Minimum requirements include:

Being available for a minimum of 10 hours a week (actual schedule is flexible).
Internet Access
Basic internet searching skills
Basic word processing skills
Strong desire to help individuals and couples access the marriage strengthening resources in their communities
No travel is required

For more information on what this project will entail visit our
Developing a Marriage Resource Center page.