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The Healthy Relationship Dating Program

If the date idea you select doesn't have a suggestion to strengthen your relationship then click here and print out a topic from the Keys to Unlocking the Door to a Healthy and Happy Marriage Pamphlet Series. Take the pamphlet along on your date and read it together.

Don't skip this step!!!! That would be like Tiger Woods saying he no longer needed to learn anything about the game of golf. Even if you have the best relationship in the world you can always learn something new to make it even better.

If you would like a weekly reminder to go on a date, suggestion of a fun date to go on, and money saving coupons to restaurants that deliver or offer take-out, video stores and other fun things you can do at home than sign up for the free weekly date reminder service by sending an email to Type Subscribe in the subject line and include your zip code in the body of the email. Our policy is we will never rent, sell, or give away your email address.

Don't forget the ground rules for the healthy relationship dating program.


It is critical that you commit to making your dates a conflict free time zone. The reason why you are going on the date is to strengthen your relationship and fighting will only damage it. As soon as you feel a conflict coming on take a time out, commit to discussing the issue at a specific time in the future and immediately start a trip down memory lane by sharing some of your favorite memories you have had together.

2. No talking about problems.

There is plenty of time in the week to discuss problems. While you are on a date should never be one of those times. Dating is a time for having fun and strengthening your relationship.


Get out of your comfort zone so you can create memories that will last a life time.

Stay at Home Dates

Go on an appreciation dinner date. Before you take each bite of food or each sip from your drink, tell your spouse something you appreciate about him or her or something you appreciate that he or she has done recently or in the past.

Go on a virtual tour of museums online. Click on the name of each museum to start your tour Louvre, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, National Gallery of Art

Make decorations for upcoming holidays.

Make your favorite desserts.

Chose a music CD and pretend you are going to a concert. You can buy An Evening with John Denver from by clicking here

Adding a romantic twist to the board game Twister can be a lot of fun to play in the privacy of your own home.

Make a music video.

Recreate scenes from your favorite movies.

Read a thought provoking book like Tuesday's with Morrie together. You can buy it from by clicking here

Draw portraits of each other with crayons.

Make a video documentary of your home.

Sign up for a free long distance learning class together at the Barnes and Noble online university.

Pick a room in your house and describe your favorite memories that have occurred in that room.

Teach your spouse about your favorite hobby.

Work on a scrapbook project together.

Read the paper together.

Play board games and throw in creative rules to spice them up and make them romantic.

Do some family history research together. A good place to start is

Play video or computer games together.

Finger-paint a masterpiece on your spouses stomach with pudding and whip cream.

Make a video documentary about your spouse.

Write a children's story together and illustrate it.

Plant an indoor herb garden.

Play board games together. Settlers of Qatan is a fun strategy board game you can buy from by clicking here.

Watch old home videos.

Come up with romantic variations of your favorite card games.

Write thank you letters to the parents of your spouse.

Play indoor tag. When you catch each other think of something fun you can do like kiss for 30 seconds, etc.

Play miniature golf with common household items.

Decorate your home for an upcoming holiday.

Read scriptures together.

Make a fort together and think of creative romantic things you can do in the fort when you are finished.

Watch a concert on video or DVD. You can buy James Taylor Live at the Beacon Theater from by clicking here

Order a meal from your favorite restaurant to be delivered and have a candlelight dinner somewhere in your house where you wouldn't normally eat.

Refinish a piece of furniture together. You can buy a book from that will teach you how by clicking here

If you are pregnant read each week from a book about your baby's growth. You can buy The Mayo Clinic Complete Book of Pregnancy & Baby's First Year from by clicking here.

Make cookies for your neighbors.

Run through the sprinklers.

Create a new kind of cookie.

Have a shower or bathtub date together.

Pretend you are a fashion photographer and do a photo shoot of your spouse.

Create a different ending to a tv show or movie that you just watched.

Brush your wife's hair and learn how to do different braids in her hair.

Choose one room in your house and do a clean sweep by organizing it. Visit the Clean Sweep TV website for some helpful hints by clicking here

Interview your spouse and write a biography about him or her.

Play hide and go seek. Think of romantic rewards that you can give to your spouse when he or she finds you.

Buy a ceramic item at a crafts store and paint it together at home.

Do a service project for your neighbor.

Go on a massage date.

Take photos of common objects in your house and make a collage.

Redecorate a room together.

Create a family website together.

Create a virtual garage sale by choosing items in your home you no longer need and putting them on eBay.

Watch a sunset together.

Go on a scavenger hunt in your own home.

Make hot chocolate and watch the rain or snow together

Call friends and relatives and interview them together about their lives.

Have a romantic pillow fight.

Play a game of indoor basketball horse but use a small ball instead of the regular size one. Come up with creative and romantic things you can do each time you miss a shot and get a letter.

Create a collage of pictures of the two of you.

Find an online service project you can do together.

Make a blanket or quilt together.

Write a letter to the editor together.

Make a big ice-cream sundae and eat it together.

Feed each other a meal.

Do a service project date for each other.

Create a water slip and slide with a long piece of plastic.

Give each other foot massages.

Make an evacuation plan, practice it and put together a 72 hour kit. Visit the Red Cross website for more details.

Paint each others toe nails.

Research where your ancestors came from and make a common meal from that country. Play a game from that country.

Write thank you notes to your kids.

Make a romantic post it note treasure hunt.

Earthquake proof your house. The Institute for Business & Home Safety has prepared a list on how to earthquake proof your home. Click here to visit their webpage.

Brainstorm creative dates you could go on with out leaving your bed.

Create original milk shake or smoothie flavors.

Make a lot of paper airplanes and have a paper airplane war. Divide a room in two and see who can fly the most airplanes onto the other person's side in a 1 minute time period. Think of a romantic reward for whoever wins.

Have a water fight.

Spend some time together brainstorming a simpler way for the government to collect taxes. A good place to start for some ideas is the fair tax website.

Play TV bingo or guess the commercial game. Draw a bingo board and write the names of various products on it. The first one to get bingo wins. The commercial game is played by seeing who can guess first the name of the product being advertised.

Pretend you had Bill Gates problem of having $40 billion dollars you needed to give away. Do some research on the Internet to decide which organizations you would give the money to.

Write down a list of family history questions and send them to your oldest living relatives.

Plan your dream vacation together.

Create a daily exercise plan and do it together.

Go on a dinner cooking date by cooking dinners for the next week and then freezing them.

Work on a scrapbook of dating memories together.

Buy potted flower pots and deliver them to older neighbors.

Decide on a political issue to write your elected representatives about and do it.

Bake your favorite cookies and give them to your neighbors.

Go to the White House
website and rewrite the budget together.

Go on a meditation date. Put on some relaxing music and slip into a deep meditative state.

Wash your car together.

Plan a weekend getaway together. Then plan your dream weekend getaway.

Have a water balloon fight.

If you would like a weekly reminder to go on a date, suggestion of a fun date to go on, and money saving coupons to restaurants that deliver or offer take-out, video stores and other fun things you can do at home than sign up for the free weekly date reminder service by sending an email to Type Subscribe in the subject line and include your zip code in the body of the email. Our policy is we will never rent, sell, or give away your email address.

Please send in your ideas for fun dates so we can add them to the website and share them with the Healthy Relationship Dating e-list.. Our goal is to eventually have over 1000 dates that you can choose from. Send in your ideas to

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