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The following books can help you develop the skills and knowledge to form and sustain a healthy marriage.

This book shows engaged couples and newlyweds how they can identify and overcome stumbling blocks to a healthy marriage.

In The Five Love Languages, Dr. Gary Chapman talks about how different people express love in different ways. Some people are verbal, expressing their love in words. Others may never speak their affection, yet they show it by the things they do.

Personal and professional friendships between men and women have become so prevalent and accepted that, according to Glass, even "good" people in "good" marriages can be swept away in a riptide of emotional intimacy more potent than sheer sexual attraction. 

Read this book so that you don't ever have to experience the intense pain and misery associated with infidelity.

Hot Monogamy includes a nine-step program to keep the physical intimacy aspect of your relationship mutually satisfying and healthy.

Through a series of in-depth quizzes, checklists, and exercises, similar to the ones he uses in his workshops, Gottman provides the framework for coping with differences and strengthening your marriage.

This book teaches the relationship skills and knowledge found in the PAIRS marriage education program.

A powerful 5 step program designed to help you strengthen relationships.

This book is based on the widely acclaimed PREP® (Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program) approach. Groundbreaking studies have found that couples can use the strategies of this approach to handle conflict more constructively, protect their happiness, and reduce the odds of breaking up.

Dr. Gottman tells you how to recognize attitudes that doom a marriage -- contempt, criticism, defensiveness, and stonewalling -- and provides practical exercises, quizzes, tips, and techniques that will help you understand and make the most of your relationship.

With 12 Hours to a Great Marriage, you can discover the simple, effective strategies that have helped thousands of couples— happily married, having issues, or planning to marry— to develop and protect their love, easily and at your own pace.

This book helps couples pinpoint hidden marital problems and take positive steps to stay close and connected every day.

This book is organized around ten dates that couples will experience to learn five basic skills and five advanced skills to revitalize their marriages.

All serious couples reach a point where they feel frustrated, stuck, bored, disillusioned, and misunderstood. But now, drawing on over fifty years of research in marital and family relationships, Dr. Larson provides helpful and easy-to-use quizzes, self-tests, and personal assessments that reveal why you're feeling this way, explain the underlying issues, and provide solutions to specific issues and problems.

The Sex-Starved Marriage offers candid and sensible counsel for couples with mismatched libidos. In addition it offers practical advice to improve your relationship.

Based on more than seventeen years of research and counseling, Dr. Stanley offers practical strategies for guarding against marital discontent and infidelity

TIME FOR A BETTER MARRIAGE shows couples how to encourage each other, resolve conflict, communicate effectively, maintain equality in the marriage relationship, and make better choices.

Husband and wife team, Barry and Emily McCarthy share clear, helpful guidelines for creating a healthy marriage and reveal the strategies, skills, and attitudes that can help prevent disappointment, resentment, and alienation from entering the relationship.

Michele Weiner Davis outlines a realistic, solution-oriented seven-step program for managing marital problems

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